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Vintage Auto Restoration

People often ask me how I got into vintage auto restoration and it’s a good question. Although I’ve always had a love of cars, I think it came out of all the wonderful experiences I had growing up and specific times in my life where I felt a kind of magic and freedom, the kind that comes from cruising down the highway in cars from that era.

It all started with my mom’s ‘68 Barracuda: I was about 6 years old when my father purchased it as a gift to her and I from the moment I first laid eyes on it I loved that car. I’d sit in the driver’s seat for hours day dreaming with my elbow hanging out the door. Although I could barely see over the dash I felt like Steve McQueen.

Then there was high school: out on a double date with my friend Brian and a coupla’ gorgeous gals in his ‘64 Volkswagen Bug, boy did we have a blast. And again, a few years later when I had my very own ‘71 Super Beetle, cruising along with the girl of my dreams, a cheerleader from Helix High. The two of us making out in the backseat with Elvis Costello's song “Alison” playing in the background, I was in heaven.

Even recently, cruising the Sunset Strip with my wife in my ‘66 Volkswagen Bug (I love V.W.’s if you can’t tell) on a hot night in L.A., neon lights aglow amid the setting sun in the West. I got hit with that old familiar sense of freedom that only comes from being out on the road.

I could go on and on but you get the point. So when people ask how I got into the restoration business, that’s what it all harkens back to: the feeling I get around vintage automobiles and the desire to spend as much time in that place as destiny would allow. We’ve been at it for fifteen years and with many happy clients on our roster, I couldn’t be any happier.

That said, if just so happen to find yourself reading these words, I’m fairly certain you feel the same way when you’re behind the wheel of a classic car. For some of us, that’s just the way it is. And for others, well, we’ll leave them to their Nissan Optimas, somebody’s gotta’ drive ‘em after all, right?  That's what we thought!

So: if you're the proud owner of a vintage automobile that's in need of a little tender loving care, you've come to the right place. We've proudly served the greater Los Angeles area since 1997 and we've shown no signs of stopping anytime soon. Whether it be classic car restoration, vintage automobile valuations or buy & sell services, we're here to serve your needs and then some.

Wanna' know more? Feel free to stop by the Gallery to take a peek at our recent projects, or browse on over to our Contact page to drop a line with any questions you may have. If, after all that, you find yourself inspired to take further action, well give us a buzz at 323-842-8393, we'd be happy to hear from you!



Daniel Haas

Owner, DH Automotive, Inc.