6 Tips on How to Rent Your Classic Car

1963 Cadillac Convertible Restoration

Let’s face it: with COVID-19 having taken center stage the past year and a half, times have been tough. Most of us have been cooped up in the house. Fear is running rampant, and with good cause. However, we are slowly turning a corner; things are starting to open back up again. There’s a light…

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Herbie The Love Bug: Iconic Cars in Cinema, Part 5

Herbie The Love Bug No. 2

This month’s pick in my Iconic Cars of Cinema series is a car that’s near and dear to my heart as it’s responsible for my lifelong obsession with air-cooled rides. I’m talking about The Love Bug, as featured in the 1968 American adventure comedy directed by Robert Stevenson and produced by Disney. The film is…

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Lola T70: Iconic Cars in Cinema, Part 4

Lola T70 No. 1

This month’s film is sort of hard to watch. In fact, it’s actually my least favorite off any film I’ve previously covered. That having been said, the uncertain times we find ourselves in make such a film worth discussing. The fact that this film features iconic cars like the Lola T70 race car makes this…

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The Bluesmobile: Iconic Cars in Film, Part 3

Bluesmobile No. 4

In this month’s edition of my “Classic Cars of Film” series I decided to bring out one of my all time favorite films, The Blues Brothers, released in by Universal Pictures in 1980. The film was directed by John Landis, who also co-wrote the script with Dan Aykroyd, who starts in the film along with…

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1938 Plymouth Deluxe Coupe: Iconic Cars in Film, Part 2

1938 Plymouth Coupe Deluxe No. 1

This month’s post in my “Iconic Cars of Cinema” series is none other than the 1938 Plymouth Deluxe Coupe from The Big Sleep. This Film Noir classic directed by Howard Hawks was the first film version of the 1939 novel of the same name by Raymond Chandler. The film stars Humphrey Bogart as the iconic…

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1987 Ferrari 412: Iconic Cars in Film, Part 1

Looking back, a huge part of why I love classic cars has to do with the impact of seeing stylish rides in movies. As a result I’ve always wanted to pay homage to my favorite cars in films with a series for the blog. That being said, this post marks the first of a series…

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How To Recover from The Runs

recover from the runs

This month I’d like to touch upon one of the common horrors that’s plagued many an automotive painter, I call it, quite literally: The Runs. The Runs have happened to all of us at some point. They seem to show up long after the paint booth has been vacated. Typically they occur when the wrong…

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Creating The Perfect Paint Job, Step 9: Fit & Finish

So  here we are ladies and gents, the final step in my nine part series on “Creating the Perfect Paint Job”: fit and finish. For those of you who’ve read each of the prior eight posts and you should be prepared to tackle this last step no problem. For those of you haven’t, you may…

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Creating The Perfect Paint Job, Step 8: Sanding & Buffing

Welcome to this next post in our “Creating the Perfect Paint Job” series. If you haven’t been following along and want to get caught up, head back to the first post in the series, “Nine Steps to the Perfect Paint Job“. This month, we tackle the final phase of the paint which is coloring, sanding…

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Creating The Perfect Paint Job, Step 7: The Paint Process

Welcome back everyone! This month we’re finally getting down to the actual paint process. I know there’s much preparation, but if “80% of success is showing up” as Woody Allen stated and you want a paint job you can be proud of, it’s important to take each step and do the best you can. Paint…

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