Creating The Perfect Paint Job, Step 5: Blocking

Howdy folks, if you’ve gotten this far in our “Creating the Perfect Paint Job” series, you’ll know that this month we’re going to dive into one of the most important aspects of this series which is Blocking. If not and you’re just getting started you may want to retrace your steps back to our first…

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Creating The Perfect Paint Job, Step 4, Part B: Body Work

Part B Step 4 Image 3

Hey there everybody, so here it is: this month is Part B of Step Four in our “Creating The Perfect Paint Job” series. Coincidentally, the “B” in this part, also stands for body work, which is what we’ll be taking a look at in this post. Purchasing Supplies If you’ve been around cars at all,…

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Creating The Perfect Paint Job, Step 3: Body Alignment

body alignment

Step Three: Body Alignment Happy New Year everyone! In this month’s edition in our nine-part series, Creating The Perfect Paint Job, we’re going to take a look at Step Three: Body Alignment, which is almost always done at the end of the assembly phase and if done improperly can result in doing work twice or even…

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Creating The Perfect Paint Job, Step 2: The Teardown


This month we’re going to explore Step Two in our Creating The Perfect Paint Job series: The Tear Down. Now that you’ve got a solid vision in of the final product planted firmly in mind, it’s time to get to work with stripping down the car. This step is going to play a vital role in the…

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Creating The Perfect Paint Job, Step 1: Visualization

DH Automotive

This month we’re going to dive into the first post in a nine part series about Creating The Perfect Paint Job. Perhaps the most difficult part of any classic car restoration is determining what route to go with the paint. Visualize The Perfect Paint Job for Your Classic Car The first step is to visualize the final…

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How to Achieve The Perfect Classic Car Paint Job in 9 Steps

1966 Ford F250 Restoration

Over the years I’ve received an overwhelming number of requests from DIY paint enthusiasts asking what it really takes to a classic car from a rusty “barn find” to a perfect paint job. That said, I’m going to launch right into the subject, focusing entirely on the technique as opposed to what particular products to…

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10 Tried & True Tips to Make a Killing Flipping Classic Cars

1979 Chevy Camaro Restoration

This month we’re gonna’ get down and dirty and talk about a recent trend that’s become all the rage among classic car enthusiasts. That is the practice of “flipping classic cars”,  the ins and outs, the pitfalls, etc. How To Get Started Flipping Classic Cars Over the years so many people have asked me about…

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The Psychology of Classic Car Restoration, Part II

Classic Car Restoration Tips So now that you have your newly owned classic car back at home, what next? Well, first thing’s first: before you strip down the body to powder coat the frame you’ve gotta’ ask yourself some very important questions, questions that will dictate how this build will ultimately turn out. Consider the…

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The Psychology of Classic Car Restoration: Part I

Calling for Help

This month we’re going to begin a two part series on the psychology of classic car restoration: what it really takes to finally complete your dream project and some of the pitfalls that you’ll likely encounter along the way. This assumes that you’re passionate about the particular vehicle you’ve got your eye on, because let’s…

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Chrome Restoration Tips for a Pain-Free Project

Chrome Restoration Tips

This month I wanted to discuss the chroming process and how to avoid the kinds of issues that can come up when you’re not properly prepared. Poor planning can stall your chrome restoration project indefinitely due to damaged or missing parts from a negligent chroming shop and though I could spend the next few hours…

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My 1969 Ford F100, My Wife & I

Ever since I could remember I’ve always owned cars that were salvaged from the scrap yard so to speak. Being in the vintage auto restoration business, I’ve never felt a desire to own a brand new vehicle for a variety of reasons, but the bottom line is that the constant tinkering with an old car…

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