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Iconic Cars in Film, Part One: 1987 Ferrari 412

Looking back, a huge part of why I love classic cars has to do with the impact of seeing stylish rides in movies. As a result I’ve always wanted to pay homage to my favorite cars in films with a series for the blog. That being said, this post marks the first of a series…

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How To Recover from The Runs

recover from the runs

This month I’d like to touch upon one of the common horrors that’s plagued many an automotive painter, I call it, quite literally: The Runs. The Runs have happened to all of us at some point. They seem to show up long after the paint booth has been vacated. Typically they occur when the wrong…

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Creating The Perfect Paint Job, Step Five: Blocking

Howdy folks, if you’ve gotten this far in our “Creating the Perfect Paint Job” series, you’ll know that this month we’re going to dive into one of the most important aspects of this series which is Blocking. If not and you’re just getting started you may want to retrace your steps back to our first…

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Creating The Perfect Paint Job, Step Three: Body Alignment

body alignment

Step Three: Body Alignment Happy New Year everyone! In this month’s edition in our nine part series, Creating The Perfect Paint Job, we’re going to take a look at Step Three: Body Alignment, which is almost always done at the end of the assembly phase and if done improperly can result in doing work twice or even…

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Creating The Perfect Paint Job, Step Two: The Teardown


This month we’re going to explore Step Two in our Creating The Perfect Paint Job series: The Tear Down. Now that you’ve got a solid vision in of the final product planted firmly in mind, it’s time to get to work with stripping down the car. This step is going to play a vital role in the…

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Creating The Perfect Paint Job, Step One: Visualization

DH Automotive

This month we’re going to dive into the first post in a nine part series about Creating The Perfect Paint Job. Perhaps the most difficult part of any classic car restoration is determining what route to go with the paint. The first step is to visualize the final product, such that your vision of the perfect paint…

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