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Nine Steps to The Perfect Paint Job

Well, hello out there! “Where the heck have you been Daniel?!!” you’re probably asking, am I right? And as it’s been several months since our last installment, it’s a good question! To keep it short, life got in the way. The wife and I welcomed our newborn baby boy into our home! I won’t bore…

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Top 10 Tips for Flipping Classic Cars

Flipping Classic Cars

This month we’re gonna’ get down and dirty and talk about a recent trend that’s become all the rage among classic car enthusiasts: that is the so-called practice of “flipping classic cars”,  the ins and outs, the pitfalls, etc. Over the past few months I’ve received several requests to elaborate on this topic and truth…

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The Psychology of Classic Car Restoration, Part II

  Vintage Auto Restoration Tips So now that you have your newly owned classic car back at home, what next? Well, first thing’s first: before you strip down the body to powder coat the frame you’ve gotta’ ask yourself some very important questions, questions that will dictate how this build will ultimately turn out. Consider…

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The Psychology of Classic Car Restoration, Part I

This month we’re going to begin a two part series on the psychology of classic car restoration: what it really takes to finally complete your dream project and some of the pitfalls that you’ll likely encounter along the way. This assumes that you’re passionate about the particular vehicle you’ve got your eye on, because let’s…

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Chrome Restoration Tips for a Pain-Free Project

Chrome Restoration Tips

This month I wanted to discuss the chroming process and how to avoid the kinds of issues that can come up when you’re not properly prepared. Poor planning can stall your chrome restoration project indefinitely due to damaged or missing parts from a negligent chroming shop and though I could spend the next few hours…

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My 1969 Ford F100, My Wife & I

Ever since I could remember I’ve always owned cars that were salvaged from the scrap yard so to speak. Being in the vintage auto restoration business, I’ve never felt a desire to own a brand new vehicle for a variety of reasons, but the bottom line is that the constant tinkering with an old car…

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3 Simple Steps to Prepare Your Classic Car for The Worst

This month I want to talk about how important it is to properly prepare for filing an insurance claim, should you find yourself in an accident. Over the last few months I’ve dealt with two different insurance companies on behalf of our clients and though in both cases we were able to negotiate the best…

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5 Great Reasons to Own a Classic Car

In the many years I’ve been in the classic car restoration business one of the many questions that has come up time and time again is “Why should I own a classic car?”. I’ve been asked this question so many times that if I were given a dollar for each one, I’d be a billionaire.…

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