’66 Volkswagen Bug

This ‘66 Volkswagen Bug restoration was inspired by The Style Council’s song “Long Hot Summer”. Our client and his wife had been married for 37 years and their very first date was in this ‘66 Volkswagen Bug.

Shortly thereafter it was parked at their home in Venice, CA and sat out for 30 years rotting away on the side of the garage. Unfortunately, they never had the time or money to clean it up although they wanted to desperately.

Then an incredible thing happened, the owner had purchased a lotto ticket on the way home from work one night and just happened to pick the winning numbers! winning a moderate amount of prize money the first thing the old man thought of was to fix up the Volkswagen and that’s when I first heard from them.

I drove out to Venice the next Saturday to give the old man an estimate and discuss his options for the restoration process. We sat in the backyard for hours while he told me the story, that night I couldn’t sleep I kept thinking about the Volkswagen and what a I might do to bring this bug with the sentimental story back to life. I also couldn’t help but wonder what a great commitment it was to be married for all those years.

To go through the good and bad times. The next week I shared what had happened and we agreed we had to make this build our top priority. The final day of completion the old man stopped by to show his bride the bug.

I’ll never forget the look in her eyes when we lifted the garage door and pulled off the plastic tarp. The tears of joy have always carried me over in dark days when the current restoration project is not going my way I remember that all good things in life require commitment and to keep plugging away until your job is done.