1966 Ford Galaxie 500 Restoration

1966 Ford Galaxie 500 Restoration

One of the many popular upgrades we did on this Ford Galaxie 500 restoration was to install a disc brake conversion kit, which we picked up at Master power brakes they sell a kit for 1965-72 full size fords.

These brake units come assembled so its less hassle and literally bolt on, key note: if you plan on using the stock 15 inch steel wheels you will have to purchase the later model LTD stock wheels to allow enough clearance for the calipers.

When Cliff and I first began the process of creating a theme for the Galaxie video we were having trouble to say the least, we had no idea how we could come up with a theme that could incorporate the true feeling of the 60s convertibles and what they represented. Y

ears back I went through a Japanese Cinema phase and came across a brilliant 1966 gangster film “Tokyo Drifter” by Seijun Suzuki, everything about this film was so super cool, I remembered these late sixties model cars caught in a race against time, the quintessential stylized violence that ran through the film.

It was so intoxicating that I wanted to replicate it down to the sharkskin suits and fashionable skinny ties.

The Galaxie had the type of sophistication, but Cliff mentioned that it might not be a good idea to take the client’s finished car out for some high speed chase, I reluctantly agreed and after a few days we came up with the Godzilla theme, which came out nice.