Classic Car Restoration Services

Here at DH Automotive, Inc. we offer a wide variety of classic car restoration services to meet the wide variety of needs that must be met as a vintage automobile owner.

Pricing Categories


Restoration Areas

We organize our projects into restoration areas for ease of understanding and to help eliminate problems. The car is evaluated and each category gets recommendations based on the vehicle's current estimated condition and the client's desired level of restoration:


Full frame-off restorations; this is where we remove the entire body, off the frame. We then remove rust and afterwards have the body chemically dipped to begin the bodywork. Once the body is clean of all paint, rust, body filler, and debris - then we begin the metalwork. Metalwork consists of heat shrinking warped metal. Straightening techniques are applied, then some body filler is used. Afterwards, several coats of direct to metal primer sealer is applied. Doors, hood, and trunk are aligned at this time - thereafter we will check hinges and inspect the whole body accordingly.

Rust Removal

Rust is cut out, and new patch panels, pans, and frame sections are welded in. A body sealer is then applied before bodywork has started.

Fiber Glass Repair

Damaged areas are cut off and new fiberglass panels are patched in.


We do two stages (base coat/clear coat modern), one stage paint (vintage), complete or partial paint, color code paint matching, body panels paint, and blending partial areas after a repair has been completed. Custom patina rust paint jobs, candies, metallics, stripes, two tones, and/or aftermarket decals can be placed under the clear coat. We can do satin finishes, flat colors, or clear finishes.


Rebuild factory spec engines, high-performance upgrades, aftermarket aluminum heads, intake manifold 2-barrel to 4-barrel carburetor installations, factory carburetor rebuilds, cam swaps, LS family engine swaps, and Ford Coyote engine swaps.


We can rebuild your original transmission or swap it out for a modern version to complement your upgrade in the engine. High-performance torque converter installation, shift kit installations, or manual to automatic or vice versa.

Drive Shaft

U-joint replacement, center bushing replacement, balanced, custom length fabrication, or open and close driveshaft repairs.


Rebuild your factory one or convert is to a positraction conversion, 3.55 gear conversions for freeway driving, and converting the gearing to match engine specifications.


Factory front and rear suspension repairs on all ’30s, '40s, '50s, '60s, and '70s vehicles. Modern upgrades like rack and pinion, Crown Vic front end swaps, Mustang 2 front end swaps, disc conversions (front and rear), and master cylinder with booster conversions. We also do vacuum assists conversions, drop kit installation, four-wheel-drive conversions, airbags, and 4-link installations.


We do 6volt/12volt repairs, 6 to12 volt conversions, entire modern or period-correct wiring harness installations, troubleshooting shorts, bad grounds, LED Lighting upgrade conversions, etc.

Radio Repair

Your classic radio can be fully repaired with original components or upgraded with modern components i.e. Bluetooth, etc.


Custom/factory headliners, leather vinyl seats, modern bucket seat conversions, dash leather and vinyl wrapped, factory door panels, and soundproofing installation.


All re-chroming is triple plated, custom fabrication of bumpers, trim, emblems, pot metal repairs, blacked out, powder coating, etc.

Fuel Tank Repair

Custom fabrication, placement conversions, factory chemically dipped, patch repair, etc.

Steering Wheel Repair

Cracks, splitting brittle steering wheels repaired and painted to factory or custom specs.

Alarms / Kill Switches Installation

We provide alarm and kill switch installation.

Air Conditioning

We restore A5, A6, York compressors, R12 rebuilt systems, R134A conversions, hot gas by pass valve rebuilding. Custom a/c hoses fabrication.

Classic Car Valuation

Need a Valuation For Your Classic, Muscle, or Antique Car? Let DH Automotive Consultants provide:

  • A Stated Value Appraisal for Insurance purposes.
  • A Cash Value Appraisal for Divorce, Bankruptcy, Litigation.
  • A Replacement Value Appraisal for Loss & Damage Repair.
  • Experienced with Court appearances on behalf of consumers
  • In support of total-loss and diminished value claims.